Design & Build

I have worked with top-level architects, engineers, and subcontractors from all the construction trades.  One product of these great relationships is the fact that I’ve been able to refine the concept design and construction plans for a single story, slab-on-grade, professional office building. (see photos).
We design and build for efficiency with respect to economy of scale as well as energy efficiency.  In addition, much thought is given to expandability if future growth produces the need for addition/expansion.  In other words, in 5 years will you be able to put a 50′ addition on the building without tearing down half of what you’ve built?  

Plan Review

Review existing construction documents and determine ways to save money on labor and materials.  Make your building more energy efficient and versatile for future expansion.  Comparison of cost estimates to known values and industry averages.


I have several videos available that break down complex construction topics into easy-to-understand concepts.  I am available for consultation on any one of these topics.  As well, I am pleased to offer one-on-one coaching and consulting if you would like to learn more about any aspect of the building and construction industry.

Walk Through

Is there an old, historical, or obsolete building you’re thinking of purchasing and rehabbing?  Is the location perfect but you’re not certain about how much work it will take to suit your needs?  I offer on-site consultations on existing buildings; in certain cases this may be performed virtually via technology.

Building Science Analysis

Does your building have an annoying problem, too hot/cold; high moisture level, condensation, that you simply haven’t been able to solve?  By looking at a building as a composite of all its different systems, I can help you dissect the problem and find a reasonable solution.

Real Estate Syndication

I offer real estate investing opportunities via Cutting Edge Investments, a company I own with a partner.  We aim for average cash-on-cash returns of 10% or greater, along with significant tax advantages.  Real Estate Investing is the #1 way to invest in Main Street rather than Wall Street.