Develop & Build

I have worked with top-level architects, engineers, and subcontractors from all the construction trades.  One product of these great relationships is the fact that I’ve been able to refine the concept design and construction plans for a single story, slab-on-grade, professional office building. (see photos).
We design and build for efficiency with respect to economy of scale as well as energy efficiency.  In addition, much thought is given to expandability if future growth produces the need for addition/expansion.  In other words, in 5 years will you be able to put a 50′ addition on the building without tearing down half of what you’ve built?  
Value-engineering a commercial building involves so much more than simply obtaining multiple bids or pricing alternative construction materials.  It begins with analyzing the site plan, or the layout of the structure on the property in relation to the street, property setbacks, ingress/egress drive, parking, and access to utilities.  The basic footprint/foundation of the building is the template from which most future cost savings may be derived.  If the footprint is complicated with many jogs and turns, no amount of value-engineering can save as much money compared to employing appropriate design principles from the ground up.
The design and engineering of a building also involves a green building consult, in which we examine the carbon footprint of the materials used in construction and make changes as desired.  Additionally, an energy analysis is important because improving the structure’s energy efficiency/thermal envelope will pay you back every month as long as you own the building.

Case study #1

Fred Youngs Building

This project was a joint venture between 3 local investors who desired to construct a commercial building for their friends and colleagues who were seeking newer commercial space for their businesses.

The partners engaged the services of their friend and architect, Fred Youngs, a veteran with decades of industry experience.

Unfortunately, Fred passed away only a week after ground was broken on this beautiful building of his design – and the partners decided to name the building in his honor. I was fortunate to have been an investor as well as the general contractor for this project.

Case study #2

Encompass Therapy Center

I was able to assist the owners of an autism therapy center with both design and construction of a single-story, slab-on-grade office building for a new children’s therapy center according to a specific budget.

We worked closely with their architectural and engineering consultants to arrive at this beautiful, one-story design that gives the distinct appearance of a 2-story building.

Through careful scrutiny of the plans and many revisions made possible by my value-engineering experience, our contract price was nearly $1,000,000 lower than the other bids. Additionally, we were able to position the structure on the property in a way that allows for future expansion.


If you are considering constructing an office building or remodeling the building you currently occupy, please contact me, My years of experience in this process translate into significant cost savings for you. I may not be able to save you $1,000,000 as I did for the owners of the Encompass Therapy Building, but all of my clients have expressed that my involvement early on in the process was able to save them money every step of the way.

If you are in Michigan, my connections to tradespeople may save you even more money if your location and timing allow us to construct the building for you.

Learn from my mistakes as well as from my successes!