About Dr. Lee Newton


I have been a practicing optometrist for over twenty years. I enjoy assisting patients with their vision care and medical eye care needs today as much as I did my first day of practice. Years of examining and treating patients, and finding innovative ways to solve their problems, stimulated the passion and drive to make a positive contribution to our world through real estate development.

For more information, please see www.newtoneyecarecenter.com.

General Contractor and Developer

During my early years in practice, cash – to hire others for improvement and renovation projects in the practice building and properties – was sometimes in short supply. I acquired and honed my own skills via self-education and practice. I also learned from friends, family, and other professionals in the trades. During the 2008-2010 recession, when I needed to expand my building to accommodate new tenants, I had only one good option – to act as my own general contractor. The experience had tremendous value. The cost savings was definitely the impetus, but the experience provided value in many other areas. I now use my experience to help others with similar projects. I am licensed in the State of Michigan to carry out projects ranging from a simple renovation to the construction of a high-rise building.

Designer and Chief Value Engineer

The experience with my own building as well as construction of the Fred Youngs Building in Bangor Township, Michigan provided me the opportunity to work closely with architects and geotechnical, civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers. I learned valuable lessons including how to design a structure for function and efficiency, as well as how to consider alternative designs to save time, money, and energy consumption.

Building Science Fanatic

With a solid background in science, the application of the laws of science to designing and building a structure was something that has always interested me. I continually study factors that affect a structure’s vapor, air, and water tightness as well as indoor air quality and thermal comfort.  I am thoroughly experienced with indoor air quality problems/solutions, and I am frequently asked to help when keeping water out of buildings/homes/basements is a challenge.  Knowledge in these areas is always increasing, and products and materials that help build a higher-performing structure are continually being developed. I am very proud to have studied directly with some of the top names in this industry, including many ASHRAE fellows and distinguished lecturers.  

Sustainable Building Enthusiast

We only have one mother earth; we don’t have a Plan B.  I don’t mind cutting down a tree if it is in the way of progress and development, but I’d like to see 5 trees planted somewhere else.  I am interested not only in building techniques that reduce ongoing energy consumption, but also the use of products that do not contain an excess of embodied energy from their very existence.

Affordable Housing Advocate

I believe that our nation is facing a silent crisis. While housing prices continue to increase faster than the wage index, energy costs, insurance premiums, and property taxes also are also increasing. Housing costs consume an ever increasing proportion of our take-home pay. This trend needs to stop, and ideally, reverse. I am studying methods of affordable and value-based design and construction, and I am committed to developing a better, more affordable housing solution for the average working family.

Real Estate Syndicator

We can accomplish so much more together than we can on our own. Syndication, the aggregation of capital from many investors for a common project, is the best way for the average investor to experience above-average returns. I have a dedicated website highlighting real estate syndication, education, and investment opportunities (for more information including a free ebook download, click here to visit Cutting Edge Investments, Inc. website).

Thought Leader & Educator

I have developed unique, personal perspectives and philosophies after 20 years as a health care provider, business owner, and real estate developer. I’ve made many mistakes and learned from them. I have also learned from the mistakes and successes of others. I tell my story in Kyle Wilson’s Desire, Discipline, Determination which is available here and on Amazon. Additionally, I write a weekly email insight for those who are interested; to subscribe, click here. Finally, I am available for speaking engagements and private consultations. Click here to set up a 10-minute call to learn more about how I may be able to help you in your endeavors.

Giving Back

I believe that any useful endeavor or accomplishment comes from not only one’s own effort, but from influencers, friends, and role models who we meet along the way. I am pleased to underwrite an eye care charity which donates services and corrective eyewear to community members of my local community who lack financial means to pay for their eye care. I am proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of Bay City, a local chapter of Rotary International. Additionally, I serve on the board of directors of McLaren Bay Region Hospital as well as its charitable foundation, and I chair the Downtown Development Authority of Bangor Township, Bay County, Michigan.

Collaboration Partners

Michael T Parks - Spire Investment Properties

Michael is the Managing Partner of Spire Investment Properties. He has been involved in multi-family, vacation rentals, hotels, office, logistics and senior living assets for over 10 years. Michael is a technology leader having worked for four Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) totaling $30B in assets and the world’s premier business and technology consulting company – Accenture. Michael has experience in property valuation, acquisition, construction, leasing, management, and financing. He is primarily focused on acquiring and repositioning multifamily communities nationally while helping others to achieve their real estate goals. www.spireinvestmentproperties.com

Jeremy LeMere - Star Capital Management Group

Jeremy is a real investor and operator of multifamily, commercial, and self-storage facilities in Northeast Wisconsin. Jeremy began his real estate career over a decade ago rehabbing single-family and duplex properties. He continues to use his state contractor certification to manage property improvement and new development projects. Jeremy began investing in apartments in 2018 and added self-storage facilities shortly thereafter. Jeremy manages a portfolio with a net asset value of over $15M in his privately held management company, Star Property Management Group LLC. Jeremy’s portfolio growth focuses on achieving higher returns for co-investors through the acquisition of stable cash-flowing real estate under the Star Capital Management Group brand. (www.starcmg.com)